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Violinmusic4all is a method for deaf people to learn to play the violin

Renata Novoselec

In my artistic, musical and research opus thus far, Violinmusic4all, the method I developed dedicated to deaf and hard of hearing, as well as people with various disabilities, represents one of my most significant life achievements, which in practice proved to be of emotional value to the aforementioned people and it is a precedent in the world that opens a new window into the world of creativity and therapeutic motivation to a population of 70 million deaf and hard of hearing people in Europe alone.



A unique method in the world


Violinmusic4all is a method of teaching violin for therapeutic purposes to the deaf and hard of hearing, and people with developmental disabilities.


This method introduced music to the lives and culture of all participants. The only requirement for all students is to have desire to learn new skills.


Exploring ways in which the body reacts to sound, Renata realized that people can feel the violin and its vibrations regardless of deafness.

Therapeutic effect

Therapy means reducing the speed of thoughts and clearing the mind. Vibrations produced by music directly affect the vascular system.


A project that enriches lives

The “Violinmusic4all” project is based on significant innovation and it represents a methodology of learning to play the violin not only for deaf people, but also children and adults with mental and physical disabilities.

In her work with deaf people and those with developmental disabilities, Renata has significantly enriched their possibilities with regard to an almost contradictory activity – playing music.

Ludwig van Beethoven

“Let your deafness no longer be a secret – even in art.”



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Project leaders


Renata Novoselec


Iva Šalamon Reškovac


How can you help?

This musical therapy concept will be held under the umbrella organization, the Institute of Music, which will focus on the services of care, rehabilitation, therapy and education of children and people with disabilities. The vastness of affected children and adults is presented in the statistics that there are two to three babies born with full or partial hearing loss in every 1000 newborns. Given that the project is not limited exclusively to Croatia, nor solely to deaf people, we are talking about a target group of 2-5% of the entire world population.


Due to the great interest of the deaf and hard of hearing, we are in need of violins, bows, violin cases, music stands. Each donated violin will go to a student whose progress you can continue to follow. As a token of appreciation, your name or the name of your company will be added to the project’s book of friends.

Financial support

All collected funds will be used for the purpose of acquiring a set of violins, music stands and financial aid for students who are not able to travel to the therapy by themselves. As a token of appreciation, your name or the name of your company will be added to the project’s book of friends.


There is a possibility of sponsoring individual students in terms of providing all necessary resources for a successful therapy. As a token of appreciation, your name or the name of your company will be added to the project’s book of friends.


What experts say?

  • As a therapist/rehabilitator for children with hearing and speech impairments, I truly admire the success that has been achieved, because although it was done on a volunteer basis by Professor Novoselec, there is a certain amount of defiance to move the definitions beyond the limits imposed by the society. Therefore, I thank Professor Novoselec for that, too!

    Nataša Šunić
    Mr.Sc. prof. speech therapist
  • If the child is diagnosed with hearing impairment, treatment and rehabilitation of both hearing and speech is employed depending on the cause, location and degree of damage as this is the only way to establish normal development of intellectual function and success in further life and education. This is exactly the “contribution” professor Novoselec provided in her work with deaf and hard of hearing children, and thanks to her, her work and her effort a lot may be done to assure these children have a “good start” in life, provided, of course, that the disorder itself is detected in time.

    Martina Šunić Omejc
    Dr.sc., specialist, pediatrician
  • “Violin for the Deaf” is a remarkably original and inspirational project by violinist Renata Novoselec realized in collaboration with the European Art Center Jastrebarsko and the “Slava Raškaj” Educational Center. The “Slava Raškaj” Center has included the project into the psychosocial rehabilitation program for their wards.

    Zlatko Bastašić
    Neuropsychiatrist - psychotherapist (European certificate)