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Our Story



Violinmusic4all is a project based on significant innovation which represents a methodology of teaching violin to deaf people and it includes a wider range of children and adults with mental and physical disabilities.

The project was designed by Croatian violinist Renata Novoselec, who achieved both domestic and international success in over a decade of working in the field and 4 years of implementing this method. In Croatia, the project gained much attention from the media, attracted the interest of institutions, professionals and the general public.


International project

The additional strength of the project is international recognition, such as hosting the students in Sweden, at the European House in Stockholm, where they played for over a hundred foreign diplomats and dignitaries. Many prominent names from the world of music support the project: Julian Rachlin, Ono Kazushi, Roby Lakatos, maestro David Danzmayr, Thomas Sanderling, who stated that the method is revolutionary not only in the field of music, but also in the world of deaf people. The project also has the support of the legendary double bassist Gary Karr, as well as many other artists from Croatia and all over the world. Furthermore, there is an exceptional recommendation by the foundation and there are indications that the project may become a permanent exhibition at the Museum, right next to the Stradivarius.


Founding the Institute

The ultimate goal of this project is to establish an institute where deaf people can learn to play the violin using this method, where we would teach other deaf and non-deaf persons and, finally, where deaf persons can play for therapeutic purposes to those in need. Until the foundation of the institute, which is planned in the next two years, we are currently based at the premises of the Slava Raškaj Educational Center. The inclusion of deaf people in the society is also an important issue for us and we wish to help them achieve greater independence through more work opportunities.

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